Working for You!

About Me

I was sworn in to replace former Rep. Parker on September 7, 2021, and promptly got to work helping folks navigate issues with unemployment and listening to your concerns about the direction of our District and the State. I have met many of you throughout the years and may have even spoken with you at your door when I ran to represent District 29 in 2014, or when I was helping former Rep. Parker on his campaigns.

Raised by a hardworking single father, I grew up in Olathe and have lived in Overland Park for the last 15 years. My experience watching my father struggle to raise a family on a single working class income, is what led me to a career in Social Work, and helped shape my heart of service. Our family moved to Overland Park because we loved the community and the opportunities that SMSD schools offered for our two children. During our time living in the area, I have been involved in the PTA, Scouting, volunteered within our schools, and supported our community in many different ways.

Because of my experiences—both personally and professionally—I understand the unique challenges that our families often face, and am passionate about serving our community by uplifting the voices of those who live here. I strongly believe that it is my duty as your State Representative to listen to your concerns and serve with our shared values in mind.

Ultimately I was elected to do one thing, and one thing only: Work for You.

I hope that I will continue to earn your support to do the hard work of representing your voice in Statehouse for another term, and I thank you for the honor of serving District 29!

Rep. Heather Meyer, BSW


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I am honored to be your voice in the legislature, and I will continue to listen to my constituents, strive to find answers and solutions to your issues or concerns, and consider the impact that upcoming legislation has on our communities.
I hope to have your continued support, and your vote on November 8th!